Welcome to FYKOS – the Internet physics competition

FYKOS is for all students from grammar (and similar) schools (under 19 years) with an interest in physics.
Participants get a set of problems six times during the school year. They have approximately one month to solve these problems and to send the answers, ideas, conclusions back to our address. Of course not all the problems have easy or straight forward solutions. Some of them are virtually unsolvable :) It is sometimes difficult to mark the ideas and answers, but we do so. Every solution get some points and at the end a list of the best participants is sorted. This list is sent back (more info).
If you are student in a secondary level school (under 19) you can attend following our rules starting with the last set of problems.
There is a camp every spring and autumn for the best ranked participants. It is lot of fun, and involves physics & maths, experiments at various places around Czech republic.

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FYKOS of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic is maintained mainly by the students of MFF UK (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles Univerzity in Prague, Czech Republic). Financial & material support comes from Institute of Theoretical Physics MFF UK, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists. Other sponsors welcome!

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