FYKOS's Rules

  • Send your solutions by web form or by ordinary mail to adress

Matematicko-fyzikalni fakulta UK – UTF
V Holesovickach 2,
180 00 Praha 8,
Czech Republic

  • Write in English, Czech or Slovak. Every problem should be written on a separate sheet of paper (or a seperate document page). Write your name and the problem number at the top of each page. If there are more sheets, add the page number and the total.
  • To solve an experimental problem means to do the experiment. a theoretical solution to an experimental problem is not acceptable.
  • You can join FYKOS at any time as long as you realise fact that some students have been involved in FYKOS from the first set and have already built up some points.
  • There are four categories: fourth category for students expecting to graduate this year, third category in next year and so on. This is based on the school system in Czech Republic. All categories get the same problems, the ranking is separated.
  • It is not imperative to solve all problems. We'll appreciate also incomplete solutions, every idea and every new thought counts!
  • Solutions have to be sent by the deadline. Latecomming solutions will not be accepted.
  • For any general questions use fykos@fykos.org.

Submitting the Electronic Solutions

  • Accepted format for documents is pdf because it can be displayed and printed on all operating systems in the same layout.
  • You can also scan you solutions and send us images wrapped as pdf.
  • If you cannot fullfil our requirements, please send an e-mail to fykos-solutions@fykos.cz. We will try to find a way.

Submitting the Solutions by Web Form

  • Address of the form for the solution upload is upload.fykos.org
  • At first you have to fill in required informations (your name and the address) and register. Then you will be able to log on and upload your solutions. The solutions will be corrected and sent back to your address.
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