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Do you reflect upon physics problems even though they are difficult at first sight?
Are you interested in the details of the greatest physics discoveries?
Do you like to experiment?
Wouldn't you like to stop getting bored at school?
Are you lacking a reason for buying a more powerful computer?
Do you like competing?
Do you want to spend a few weeks during a year with those who share the same interests with you?
Would you like to find friends for life?
Are you keen on discovering what happens in physics laboratories?
Do you want to win great rewards?

Did you answer yes to any question? Then it is you who we organise FYKOS for!

FYKOS is a correspondence physics competition for all high-school students (under 19 years) with interest in physics. We publish a problem set six times during a school year. You have approximately one month to solve these problems and to send us your answers, ideas and conclusions back. We correct and mark your solutions, and then we send them back to you with our commentary, next problem set and current rankings (further details). At the end of a school year, a list of the best participants is put together. We reward leading participants with special prizes.

You can join the competition anytime, starting with the latest problem set, following our rules.

For the best participants of the previous half-year, we organise spring (or autumn) physics camp full of sports, physics and other games. Apart from camps, we organise all sorts of events.

What's new?

FYKOS of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Czech Republic is maintained mainly by the students of FMP CU (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, The Czech Republic). Financial & material support comes from Institute of Theoretical Physics FMP CU, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists. Other sponsors are welcome!

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