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Here you can find the list of the major events organized by the group FYKOS.


Fyziklani is a traditional competition for teams of up to 5 high school students interested in mathematics and physics. Their task is to solve problems to get as many points as possible in the time. The competiton is international (students from around the world can take part) and takes place annually in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Physics Brawl Online

An online version of Fyziklani. An international physics competition in which anyone can take part. The competition is divided into four categories, three of which are for high-school students, and the fourth, open, category is for anyone else interested in physics.

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FYKOS organises a traditional camp twice a year, in spring and autumn. This week-long event is for about 40 best participants (chosen from each category by the order and the total point score), and it takes place in some beautiful corner of the Czech Republic. You can see yourself below where we went in the past. Participants of the camp spend several days full of exciting lectures on physics and mathematics. And so that the mental burden of students and staff of the Faculty is not too high, everyone (participants and organisers) rest by games, sports and competitions. The professional content of the camp is not purely theoretical, the participants also try real physical experiments.

The camps are currently only for students who speak Czech. However, in case of high interest, we may start accepting English-speaking participants as well.

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Further Activities

FYKOS also organizes many other educational events throughout the year, including excursions to cutting-edge scientific laboratories both in the Czech Republic and beyond, or internships at CUNI MFF. Unfortunately, most of those further activities are currently only for Czech-speaking students.

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