A FYKOS camp is held twice a year (in autumn and in spring). Roughly 25 best participants of all categories are invited. During the week-long camp, participants attend lectures on advanced topics in physics (and mathematics) delivered by both undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague. In order to relax and have some fun, there are prepared games, sports and competitions for both participants and organizers. In the second half of the week, participants divide to small groups and choose an experiment to do. Then they prepare a presentation for the rest and present what they have measured.

Participants are chosen on the basis of their total points from the latest three series of problem sets.

It is the camps that are best remembered by the participants and the organizers after years. The price for the camp (apart from the travel expenses) is subsidized by FYKOS – the better you do, the cheaper the camp is for you (the best participants attend for free).

List of the Past Camps

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