SEx (Section of Experiments)

In relation with the development of experimental physics within FYKOS, an experimental section was founded in September 2007. Its purpose is to organize traditional events (Day with experimental physics, Week with experimental physics), arrange for cyclic alteration of visited workplaces, maintain experimental equipment (for FYKOS camps and other events) and prepare new experiments. The section is responsible for providing information and software assistance to FYKOS’ experimental problems and for updating this SEx webpage. You can consult the chief organizer, or preferably directly the administrator of the SEx section about all issues concerning experimental physics in FYKOS.

Events with experimental physics

Experimental afternoon at FYKOS camps

From autumn 2006, an experimental afternoon/day is held during each camp. Participants work on various experiments which usually contain: easier or more complex theoretical background, derivation of (or simply looking up) a relation among physical quantities, designing a method of measuring, carrying out the experiment, exact processing of the measured data (including evaluation of errors), discussion and presenting (defending) the outcome at a miniconference.

An important part of it is graphing the measured data and graphical analysis. The participants get a unique opportunity to try to work in science programmes and to master methods of graphic processing (namely fitting and the principle of least squares, calibrating of meters and gauges, interpreting graphs). The whole time, there is a possibility of immediate discussion with the organizers. Participants can use all the experience in their future solutions to FYKOS experimental problems, at high school laboratory classes and, of course, at university practical classes. As a superstructure, participants can create a script for the gnuplot programme (our Czech tutorial can be found here), which can be used to automate measuring and data processing. At a miniconference, participants get an idea of how does presenting one’s work to specialists look like. That prepares them for defending their bachelor’s and master’s thesis etc.

Do you want to sponsor FYKOS’ experimental section?

Apart from financial support (or discount), we would be grateful for functional laptops (for data processing and making a presentation), basic electronic components, meters and gauges and other useful tools. It is possible to unofficially contact the chief organizer himself or the administrator of the SEx section, officially also the Public Relations Office of the Departement of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. Handing over can be arranged (more easily) by a civic association Spolek Matfyzák.

Section administrator: Erik Hendrych

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