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5. Series 19. Year - E. grandma's pancakes

Heat up a pan on the heat source to temperature ideal for pancake preparation (approx 200° C). If you drop a drop of water it will not evaporate immediately and will be running on the pan for up to one minute. Measure the time of life of the drop versus the size of the drop and try to explain.

Úlohu navrhl Jan Lalinský.

4. Series 19. Year - 2. expedition to the planet of the balloons

A big expedition to the planet of the balloons is being prepared. Preliminary data show following physical characteristics: the atmosphere consists of air of fly-weight 10001 lufts per fly and number of molecules in one fly is 10^{1101}, the thickness of atmosphere is 10^{10001} spurgles and by comparing of temperatures it was conducted that 7K on Earth corresponds to 1 luft times square spurgl per square temp.

Calculate temperature at the surface and decide if the astronauts should wear t-shirt or rather fur coat. The solution of IV.1 can help you.

Úloha ze starého ročníku FYKOSu.

4. Series 19. Year - P. balloon-refugee


After a small revolution on planet of balloons one of balloons took refuge on Earth. First he was quarantined and his volume $V$ and temperature $T$ were measured.

However the immigration department decided that the balloon will not be freed until his volume is $V'$ and temperature $T'$. The balloon is not allowed to release or receive any heat or change the number of particles. What is the best way to reach required parameters and be released and live happy ever after on Earth?

Problém Matouš slyšel na přednášce prof. Koteckého a vymyslel řešení.

3. Series 19. Year - 3. delayed bath

Robin managed to get a bath full of hot water of temperature $T_{1}$ and volume $V_{1}$.

Robin's long-term dream was to isothemally compress gas of temperature $T$, volume $V_{0}$ and density $ρ$. And here it was an ideal occasion. As the cooler he used ambient air, which amount and heat capacity is unlimited and whose temperature is $T_{2}$. Calculate what is minimum volume $V$ to which he can compress the gas, if he uses only the warm water in the bath and newly constructed heat-engine.

Robin se nechal inspirovat na přednášce z termodynamiky.

2. Series 19. Year - 4. heat conductivity of metals

Derive the temperature dependence of heat conductivity of metals, if the temperature dependence of electrical conductivity is known.

For free electrons in metal the model of ideal gas can be used, e.g. free electrons are moving without external forces on straight lines (ions are not considered) and sometimes collides with other electrons, when they change the direction and amplitude of velocity.

The heat transferred by crystal lattice is negligible to the heat transferred through free electrons. Each electron has heat capacity $c$, which is temperature independent.

Honza při čtení Ashcrofta.

4. Series 18. Year - E. evening tea

The FYKOS organisers had a long discussion over a cup of tea. The point was the cooling of the tea. Whether the tea cup is cooled by evaporation, conduction of heat or radiation of heat. Try to solve the same problem using some experiment.

Navrhl Jirka Franta.

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