astrophysics (85)biophysics (18)chemistry (23)electric field (70)electric current (75)gravitational field (80)hydromechanics (146)nuclear physics (44)oscillations (56)quantum physics (31)magnetic field (43)mathematics (89)mechanics of a point mass (295)gas mechanics (87)mechanics of rigid bodies (220)molecular physics (71)geometrical optics (77)wave optics (65)other (165)relativistic physics (37)statistical physics (21)thermodynamics (153)wave mechanics (51)

geometrical optics

3. Series 19. Year - 2. raid at a lens

Lets have a lens of focal length $f$. The light source is at optical axis in distance $a>f$ from the lens. The light source starts moving at constant speed towards the lens. Calculate the speed of movement of the image of the light source. Decide, if this speed can be bigger than the speed of light. Would it contradict special theory of relativity?

Vymyslel Jarda Trnka, když psal studijní text z optiky.

1. Series 18. Year - 4. water sprite

The water sprite (unterwasermann for German speakers) is sitting 1.5 meters under water level of his pond. How he sees the world above the water level? Assume, that refractive index of eye is same as refractive index of water.

Úloha ze sbírky prof. Vybírala.

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